1:00-1:30pm Check-in

1:30-3:00pm Session #1

3:00-3:30pm Break

3:30-5:00pm Session #2

5:00-5:30pm Break

5:30-7:00pm Session #3

Session 1

Stickwork, Building Foundational Skill, Right hand, Left Hand, Behind the Back, Stick Tricks, Change of Level Passing and Catching, Stickwork necessary for the Draw and Draw Circle

Session 2

Station Work: Shooting Space, Mastering Groundballs, Defensive Body Positioning, Shooting (Power/Finesse/BTBs/Twizzlers), Dodging/Dodging Footwork

Session 3

3v2s, Small-Sided Drills, Putting it All-Together, 2-Man Game, Scrimmaging